Snow Removal, Sanding & Sweeping

Roads: Sanding, Snow Removal and Sweeping

Sweeping Schedule - Snow Removal Maps - Tip for Residents During Snow Removal

Notice to Snow Haulers


Street Sweeping Schedule

A map of the Street Sweeping Schedule becomes available in early Spring of each year. Please note that the schedule is weather dependent and as such is subject to change without notice. Updated maps reflecting any delays will be uploaded as they become available.

Crews will inform residents ahead of the street sweeper's arrival through signage. Please help crews by not parking on the roads when the street sweeper is scheduled for your area.

Updated Summer Sweeping Schedules
2017 Sweeping Schedule: July
2017 Sweeping Schedule: August

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Snow Removal Maps

The snow removal maps reflect the service levels delivered around the community as set by Cold Lake City Council. Snow removal is conducted by both City Crews and contractors, as required by the service levels. Please contact the City of Cold Lake's Public Works Department or email with any questions or concerns.

The maps can be found on the City's Geographic Information (GIS) Maps Page.


Tips for Residents During Winter Snow Removal

During the winter, City of Cold Lake Public Works crews and contracted services remove snow and sand streets on a regular basis. Residents will see trucks, blowers and graders working in their neighbourhoods. Crews remove snow according to the predetermined, prioritized ice and snow removal plan which is published on the City of Cold Lake website.

What can local residents do to assist in the cost effective removal of snow from city streets?

  • Please remove driveway ramps or boards so these items are not picked up by snow removal machinery. They can severely damage the equipment and cause huge delays in the program.
  • Ensure trailers or unused vehicles are parked off the street. Working around these presents challenges and slows the process down.
  • Our website, Facebook Page and local media are used to communicate the snow maintenance schedule to the public. Signage may or may not be put in place the evening before your street is scheduled to be cleared. Residents are asked to keep up to date by visiting, monitoring local media and watching for signage so their vehicles can be removed from the street before it is plowed.
  • It’s best to avoid streets where crews are working, if possible.
  • Ensure fire hydrants near your home are shovelled out and clearly visible.
  • Please keep the sidewalk in front of your home or business clear for pedestrian traffic.

"Thank you from the City of Cold Lake Council and Administration."

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To all Snow Haulers within the City of Cold Lake:

Please be advised that the City of Cold Lake will not be charging a dumping fee for the disposal of snow collected within City boundaries this season.

The City of Cold Lake requires that all snow haulers:

  • Register with the City of Cold Lake if you intend to haul snow to the City of Cold Lake’s disposal sites; and
  • Submit a monthly report of activities tracking the use of the City of Cold Lake’s snow disposal sites.

Registration forms and monthly report forms can be picked up at City Hall between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. Contractors failing to comply with these requests will no longer be allowed to use the City of Cold Lake’s snow disposal sites.

If you require further information please contact Denise Pollard, Intermediate Secretary with Infrastructure Services at 780-594-4494 ext. 7972.

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