Voter Information

Voter Information

Where to Vote?
Oct. 5, 2017: Advanced Poll (12:00 pm to 8:00 pm, City Hall, 5513 – 48 Avenue)
Oct. 11, 2017: Advanced Poll (4:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Cold Lake Seniors' Heritage Hall, 1301 – 8 Street)
Oct. 16, 2017: Election Day (10:00 am to 8:00 pm, Cold Lake Energy Centre, 7825 – 51 Street)

Official Candidates

(acclaimed) 780-573-9897
ASHCROFT, Larry 780-573-9544
BUCKLE, Bob 780-573-1874
GAUTHIER, Murray 780-207-7229
GRAU, Jürgen 780-201-1038
HIEBERT, Christopher Neil 780-639-4524
JACOBSEN, Lorie 780-813-1607
LAY, Duane 780-812-6190
(after Oct. 10)
LEFEBVRE, Vicky 780-573-1926
SOROKA, Kirk "Rambo" 780-201-4359
VINING, Chris 780-573-3658

To view a printable copy of the official list, please click here.


Vote By Special Ballot (Mail-in)
More information here.

A Special Ballot may be used if you are an eligible voter and unable to make it to an Advance Vote or on Election Day due to being:

  • Physically incapacitated,
  • Absent from the local jurisdiction of Cold Lake,
  • An election worker, candidate, official agent or scrutineer located at a voting station other than the one designated for your place of residence

Voter Eligibility
You can vote in the City of Cold Lake 2017 Municipal Election if:

  • you are 18 years of age or older,
  • you are a Canadian Citizen,
  • you have resided in Alberta in the six (6) months immediately preceding Election Day, that being April 16, 2017,
  • you are a resident of the City of Cold Lake on Election Day,
  • you have Authorized Identification
  • you sign a declaration that you meet all the above qualifications,
  • you have not already voted in the current election,

Individuals who own property or a business in the City of Cold Lake, but are not residents are not permitted to vote.

Note: Landed immigrants and British subjects are not eligible to vote.

If a candidate, a candidate’s official agent or a scrutineer believes you are not eligible to vote, the objection will be noted on the voting register.
Voting more than once is a punishable offense under the
Local Authorities Election Act. Offenders face up to six months of imprisonment, a maximum fine of $10,000, or both.

Residency Requirements
Only eligible electors who live in the municipality will be permitted to vote.  If you have more than one residence in Alberta, you must designate one place of residence. The residence of a person is the place where the person lives and sleeps and to which, when the person is absent, the person intends to return; Section 48 of the Local Authorities Election Act  provides more information on determining residency.

For the purpose of determining; a person shall designate the person’s place of residence, the following factors in the following order of priority apply:

(a) the address shown on the person’s driver’s licence or motor vehicle operator’s licence issued by or on behalf of the Government of Alberta or an identification card issued by or on behalf of the Government of Alberta;

(b) the address to which the person’s income tax correspondence is addressed and delivered;

(c) the address to which the person’s mail is addressed and delivered.

Voter Identification
In order to vote you must produce one piece of Authorized Identification that establishes both your name and current address.

Note: Passports and Birth Certificates are NOT acceptable forms of identification for voting.

If a identification shows a post office box number as the address instead of a residential or legal address, it can be accepted as verification of current address only if it is in reasonable proximity to the voting jurisdiction, the Polling Clerk and Returning Officer have final authority to accept or not.

Form 702: Attestation of Identity and Ordinary Residence for Homeless Elector
Form 703: Attestation of Identity and Ordinary Residence for Incarcerated Elector
Form 704: Attestation of Identity and Ordinary Residence for Student in Residence
Form 705: Attestation of Identity and Ordinary Residence for Tenant Elector

What You Need to Know About Voting, Before and After

  • Make sure you know the date, times and locations available for voting.  
  • Advance Voting is available to all eligible voters.
  • Be sure to bring the appropriate Authorized Identification
  • Know in advance who you are going to vote for. A Candidates Page will become available after Nomination Day.
  • Cell phones (must be turned off or muted), food and drink are NOT permitted in the voting area.
  • Read the on-site signage posted for the Elections at the Voting station, it will assist in answering questions you may have.
  • After casting your vote you are required to leave the area immediately, otherwise you may be asked to leave.
  • If an elector is unable to read or does not understand the English language, the deputy may allow an interpreter to read or to translate the statement in teh prescribed form, obtained from a polling clerk that day.
  • Ensure you Vote at the appropriate station, in some voting locations you may also have representatives for the MD of Bonnyville, Lakeland Catholic School District and/or Northern Lights School Division. See their websites for more information.
  • Remember each Elector is entitled to confidentiality in their vote.  
  • An unofficial list of Candidates names will be released the night of the Election, however the Official list will be October 20.

Voting Procedure

  • Once your identification has been verified you will be handed a “Voting Register” – Form 8, to complete.  This is a statement in whereby you declare you are eligible to vote. (link to Voter Eligibility) It is a punishable offense to make a false statement.
  • You will be given a ballot card and a secrecy sleeve, issued and initialed by the polling clerk.
  • You will be either directed to a privacy booth or asked to wait until one is available.   
  • Proceed immediately to the privacy booth, following the arrows.
  • Please note: Only one person is allowed inside the voting booth, unless a voter has requested assistance. ( a small child may accompany you)
  • You will vote for:
    • 1 candidate for Chief Elected Official (Mayor),
    • Up to 6 candidates for Councillors,
    • You can also abstain from voting for one or the other or both.
  • If you require assistance casting your vote due to special needs, a friend, family member or the Deputy Returning Officer may assist you.
    • If a friend or family member provides assistance, both the voter and the assistant must make statements before the deputy.
    • If the deputy provides assistance, the voter must complete the "statement of incapacitated elector."
  • Upon entering the Privacy Booth, read the instructions carefully and follow them.
  • Mark your ballot according to the instructions, once marked insert your ballot into the “secrecy sleeve” and proceed to the “voting tabulator”, follow the arrows.
  • Once your ballot card has been accepted by “voting tabulator”, proceed to the exit.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Municipal Elections.
Further information can be found at the Alberta Municipal Affairs website.

No person shall:

  • without authority supply a ballot to any person,
  • fraudulently put into a ballot box any paper other than a ballot that the person is authorized by this Act to deposit,
  • fraudulently take a ballot out of the voting station,
  • without authority destroy, take, open or otherwise interfere with any ballot box or packet of ballots then in use for the purpose of an election.
  • request a ballot in the name of some other person, whether the name is that of a person living or dead or of a fictitious person, or
  • having voted once, request at the same election a ballot in the person’s own name.
  • vote knowing that the person has no right to do so.
  • make or sign a false statement for any purpose related to an election or vote held or to be held under this Act.
  • print or distribute or cause to be printed or distributed in any advertisement, handbill, placard, poster, circular, pamphlet, newspaper or other paper a form of ballot printed by the returning officer, indicating or showing it to be marked for any candidate or candidates.

A person who contravenes subsection any of the above is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of not more than $10 000 or to imprisonment for not more than 6 months or to both fine and imprisonment.

Closing the Voting Station

At 8 pm on Election Day the Voting Stations close. If you are in line or at the voting station at this time you will be permitted to vote. Cast your vote and leave promptly Only the Candidates or their agents may remain to witness the printing of the results tape and clean-up procedures.

Declaring a Winner

Unofficial results will be displayed on the City's website as soon as possible following Election night.


Contact information:
Linda Mortenson, Returning Officer
Tracy Gagnier, Deputy Returning Officer
ph: 780-594-4494 ex. 7915 • cell: 780-201-9247