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Appropriate Chores for Ages 5-12 (ages 18+)

Appropriate Chores for Ages 5-12

Do you ever question if your child is doing enough around the family home?  Chores are a daily part of being a contributing member of the family unit.  Many times parents may wonder if they are giving their child too many or not enough chores. 

Neighbourhood Block Parties: Building Engaged and Empowered Communities (all ages)

Neighbourhood Block Parties:  Building Engaged and Empowered Communities

Neighbourhood Block Parties provide opportunities for residents to meet and work together to address community issues and encourage citizens to be active participants in their community.  Neighbours knowing neighbours is a key element to increasing community safety and fostering positive neighbourhood relationships.  Cold Lake and District FCSS along with their community partners are building compassionate communities of engaged and empowered people by hosting a Neighbourhood Block Party.  Bring a picnic blanket or lawn chairs. 

Peace Officer Visit (ages 0-6)

Peace Officer Visit

Come meet our community peace officers and learn how they keep us safe.  Prepare your child to become familiar with our special community helpers so they can recognize and be comfortable interacting with them.

Moving and Grooving Kids (ages 0-6)

Moving and Grooving Kids

Join us at the Cold Lake Energy Centre Reid Field House for a morning to work on those important developmental skills; fine motor, gross motor, communication, physical health and wellbeing, empathy and reflection, and encouraging curiosity. 

Family Adventure Program Family Beach Day (all ages)

Family Adventure Program Family Beach Day

Beach volleyball, kayaking and paddle boarding are great ways to have some family fun at the beach.  Join Wicked Watersport Rentals for an afternoon of water fun.

Ambulance Visit (ages 0-6)

Ambulance Visit

The Cold Lake Ambulance Society will be visiting the Parent Link Centre to help your children understand how our first responders care and assist others.

Puppet Master (ages 0-6)

Puppet Master

Today is about actively listening to a story, building a stage, creating a character and developing the character as you reenact the story on stage.  Storytelling is great for communication and supporting children to obtain awareness of the world.

TELUS World of Science Bus Trip (ages 8+)

TELUS World of Science Bus Trip

Join us for a full day adventure to the TELUS World of Science in Edmonton.  we will see science demonstrations, the feature exhibition and all galleries. 

PLOW (Parent Link on Wheels) (ages 0-6)

PLOW (Parent Link on Wheels)

Join a Parent Link staff at the following locations for Early Childhood Development opportunities.  This program offers a variety of play activities that encourages the development of physical skills and offers an opportunity for social connections for both adults and children.

“What to do When” – You Dread the Bed (ages 9-12)

“What to do When” – You dread the Bed

Wouldn't it be great if you could climb into bed, snuggle under your covers, and fall asleep without any fuss or fear?  Without listening for noises or thinking about bad people?  Without an extra drink, or an extra hug, or an extra trip to the bathroom?  Bedtime is tough for many kids.  If you’re a kid who dreads your bed, and are convinced that nothing short of magic will make nighttime easier, then this course if for you. 


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