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Baby Blues (ages 18+)

Baby Blues

Are you struggling after having a baby?  Do you feel as if the day-to-day pressures are too much to handle for you or your partner?  Postpartum depression is a type of mood disorder connected with childbirth, which affects both sexes. 

Baby Yoga (ages 8 weeks to 1 year and guardians)

Baby Yoga

Baby yoga is based on traditional yoga movements, which have been used to help improve health and wellbeing.  Baby yoga sessions also include massage and songs to relax and captivate baby’s attention and to increase the fun.  There will be gentle yoga-inspired stretches for you too!  Babies must be 8 weeks old by the start of class.

Shake, Rattle and Roll (ages 0 - 6 and guardians)

Shake, Rattle and Roll

You will be singing and dancing your heart out, as you listen and move to different kinds of music and play instruments in the Parent Link Centre band!  Music supports gross and fine motor skills as well as coordination.

Community Connections (all ages)

Community Connections

In partnership with the Dove Centre, Cold Lake and District FCSS will be hosting a monthly learning social and we would like to invite the community to attend.  Individuals, families, groups and schools are welcome and encouraged to join us for these welcoming and inclusive afternoons.

Eat Right, Be Bright (ages 0 - 6 and guardians)

Eat Right, Be Bright

Have fun creating a healthy snack with your child and receive information about making healthy choices.  We can answer all your questions about nutrition.

Ooey Gooey (ages 0 - 6 and guardians)

Ooey Gooey

What oozes, is gooey and slimy all over?  You won’t believe what your eyes see, your nose smells, your mouth tastes, your ears hear, and what you feel when you mix it all together.  Sensory activity increases fine moto skills.

Fantastic Gymnastics (ages 0 - 6 and guardians)

Fantastic Gymnastics

Does your child love to climb, bounce, balance and play?  The Lakeland Gymnastics Club will show us how to move our bodies through a variety of activities. 

Triple P Discussion Group – Hassle-Free Shopping with Children (ages 18+)

Triple P Discussion Group – Hassle-Free Shopping with Children

Triple P aims to make parenting easier, and shopping can be an enjoyable activity for the whole family.  This discussion group will give some positive parenting suggestions to help you avoid shopping hassles, to teach your child to behave responsibly on shopping trips, and to make it easier on you as a parent. 

Emotion Coaching (ages 18+)

Emotion Coaching

One thing that can make a difference for your child now and in the future is help them understand their emotions by recognizing what they feel and why. 

Couples Communication Refresher (ages 18+)

Couples Communication Refresher

Join us for an evening of information sharing lead by Kate Kolskog, Registered Psychologist, Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of Supporting Wellness and Growth.  Relationships can be challenging at times, and if you don’t know how to ask for what you need you are less likely to have your needs met. 


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