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Strengthening Volunteer Boards Workshop (ages 18+)

Strengthening Volunteer Boards Workshop

If you are a board member then this workshop is for you!  A representative from Alberta Culture and Tourism’s Board Development Program professionally facilitates the Strengthening Volunteer Boards Workshop. 

Silly Science, Gruffalo (ages 6 - 8)

Silly Science, Gruffalo

Explore the world of light and shadows.  Make your own shadow puppet and play out parts of the Gruffalo’s Child story.  Children will be enthusiastic to learn and read with this fun book and afternoon of activities. 

Easel Does It! (ages 0 - 6 and guardians)

Easel Does It!

First, you take the paint and pour it, and then you get a brush and mix it!  Today is all about letting your children express themselves creatively and freely. 

Cold Lake Youth Council (ages 12 - 17)

Cold Lake Youth Council

Cold Lake Youth Council is a youth-led, volunteer-based organization that acts as a voice for the young people of Cold Lake and as peer advocates on civic and social issues.  They promote youth activism and civic engagement. 

Finding Your Life Purpose (18+)

Finding Your Life Purpose

So many people pursue money and wealth thinking that it will bring them eternal happiness.  Eventually we realize that happiness is not found in material things, but rather within the spirit of doing something that is greater than we are. 

Triple P Seminar – Raising Resilient Children (ages 18+)

Triple P Seminar – Raising Resilient Children

One of the most important tasks of parenthood is helping children learn to deal with their emotions.  All children experience periods of stress in their lives and need the emotional skills to deal with it.  Children’s emotional resilience, or ability to cope with their feelings, is important to their long-term happiness, wellbeing and success in life. 

Dadurday (ages 0 - 6 and guardians)


After working hard all week, it’s time for dads to get down and do what they do best, play actively with their children.  Active play encourages curiosity about the world, and supports children to follow rules and instructions.  This day is filled with climbing, jumping, a few tunnels and lots of fun!

VolunTeening (ages 12 - 17)


In partnership with Cold Lake Lodge, the VolunTeening program is aimed to bring together youth volunteers and Cold Lake Lodge residents with the intention of developing, intergenerational social bonds and understanding.  VolunTeens meet monthly with an FCSS staff member, at Cold Lake Lodge on No School Fridays for themed afternoons of crafting, playing cards and board games with residents. 

School’s Out, LEGO™ Masters (ages 9 - 12)

School’s Out, LEGO Masters

LEGO™ enthusiasts will become familiar with gears, leavers, cams and simple robotics.  While working in a team, participants will build up to five creations and bring them to life with our LEGO™ Education program. 

What to do When You Dread Your Bed (ages 9 - 12)

What to do When You Dread Your Bed

Wouldn’t it be great if you could climb into bed, snuggle under your covers, and fall asleep without any fuss or fear, without listening for noises or thinking about bad guys?  Do you find yourself getting an extra drink, an extra hug, or taking an extra trip to the bathroom?


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