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Herbs for Healing (ages 18+)

Herbs for Healing

Did you know that cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels and has a powerful anti-diabetic effect and that sage can improve brain function?  Peppermint relieves IBS pain and turmeric contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory effects.  Basil can help fight infections and boosts immunity. 

Moving and Grooving Kids (ages 0-6)

Moving and Grooving Kids

Join us at the Cold Lake Energy Centre Reid Field House for a morning to work on those important developmental skills; fine motor, gross motor, communication, physical health and wellbeing, empathy and reflection, and encouraging curiosity. 

Home Alone (ages 9-12)

Home Alone

This program aims to empower youth to feel confident and capable when they are home alone.  We will discuss being responsible when left alone, safe snacking, cyber safety, and dealing with friends and siblings.  Cold Lake Fire Rescue will teach participants about fire safety.

School’s Out Lunch Box Hero (ages 9-12)

School’s Out Lunch Box Hero

This is a hands-on cooking program.  We cover the basics of kitchen and knife safety, and food handling hygiene.  Participants will be making several easy, fun, and tasty lunch recipes.  Please bring closed-toe shoes and a water bottle and tie up long hair.

Dadurday (ages 0-6)


After working hard all week, it is time for dads to get down and do what they do best, play actively with their children on Dadurday.

Co-Parenting: How to Develop a Co-Parenting Plan (ages 18+)

Co-Parenting:  How to Develop a Co-Parenting Plan

This workshop addresses the importance for co-parents to design a collaborative co-parenting plan to ensure their children’s needs and interests are the focus and priority through separation/divorce and beyond.  Ideally parents should develop the parenting plan themselves, using the help of professionals focused on supporting their co-parenting efforts.

Cold Lake Youth Council (ages 12-17)

Cold Lake Youth Council

This is a youth-led, volunteer-based organization that acts as a voice for the young people of Cold Lake and as peer advocates on civic and social issues.  They promote youth activism and civic engagement.  Members develop communication and leadership skills while building their resume and making new friends.

Living Through Grief (ages 18+)

Living Through Grief

We all need a support system to help us as we move through our grief journey.  While family and friends are vital, unless they have experienced a close personal loss, they most likely do not fully “get it”.  That is where Living Through Grief can become a valuable resource for you. 

Cold Lake and District Volunteer Appreciation Event and Awards (all ages)

Cold Lake and District Volunteer Appreciation Event and Awards

Recognize and thank your dedicated volunteers in a fun, cost-efficient way.  By participating in the Cold Lake and District Volunteer Appreciation Event and Awards, you can show gratitude to your organization’s volunteers and nominate an outstanding volunteer for an award. 

Baby Blues (ages 18+)

Baby Blues

Are you struggling after having a baby?  Postpartum depression is a type of mood disorder connected with childbirth.  This monthly program is designed for caregivers of children from birth to age one, and is in partnership with The Mama Coach program.


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