Airport Fee Schedule

Note that all fees are subject to change without notice.
There is no landing fee charged at the Cold Lake Regional Airport.

Airport Use Applicable Fees*
  Land Lease (yearly) $1.16/square metre
  Office Space Lease (monthly) $4.80 per square feet
Tie Down Fees - Grass Area  
  Yearly (Leased - maximum 3 year lease) $300
  Monthly (Leased) $30
  Weekly $10
  Daily $5
Tie Down Fees - Apron  
  Daily $10/day
  Jet A-1 (GST included) $1.45/litre
  100LL (GST included) $1.79/litre
Application Fees  
  Lease Application $50
  Leased Tie-Down Application $50
  Waiting List Deposit $100
Meeting Room  
  Local**** (Hourly) $25
  Non Local (Hourly) $35
  Non Profit (Hourly) $20

* All fees are subject to applicable taxes
** Apron parking is allowed for a maximum of 48 hours, unless further authorized by the Airport Authority or the Airport Manager

*** Prices provided are for reference purposes only and are subject to change. The cost of fuel is calculated when fuel is purchased and updated after each purchase. This website may not reflect the current price. Note that aircraft based at the Cold Lake Regional Airport will have a $0.10 incentive on the price of fuel.
**** Local – Residents/Business Owners of City of Cold Lake; Lease Holders at Cold Lake Regional Aerodrome.