Building Permits

Building Permits

When do I need a Building Permit?
All structures must meet the Alberta Building Code standards.
To ensure compliance, a Building Permit is required in order to:

  • Erect a new building or structure (including retaining walls over 60 cm in height);
  • Demolish or relocate a structure;
  • Repair, alter or make additions to an existing structure;
  • Make structural changes to an existing building;
  • Perform interior alterations and/or exterior alterations that modify the size of an existing building;
  • Make renovations to create rentable space (secondary, basement, or garage suites).
  • You may be required to obtain a Development Permit along with a Building Permit for your project.

You do NOT require a Building Permit to:

  • Erect a fence;
  • Lay a driveway in a residential district;
  • Paint, decorate, or perform general maintenance (if the maintenance involves work on electrical, plumbing, or gas systems you will require a Safety Code Permit);
  • Accessory buildings not greater than 10 square metres, and less than 2.4 metres in height.

Building Permit Application
Building Permit Fee Schedule
Property Owner Permission

Click the link above for a downloadable, printable .pdf version of the Building Permit Application,Fee Schedule or for the Property Owner Permission Form.

Building Permit application timelines:
Building permits are processed on a first-come, first served basis but must be reviewed and approved or refused within 15 days of receipt of the completed application. Once granted, a building permit remains in effect for twelve (12) months from the date of issue IF a substantial start to the work has been achieved within the first ninety (90) days. Building permits that have not shown substantial start within the ninety (90) day time frame are considered expired and are no longer valid.