Cemetery Services

The City of Cold Lake operates two cemeteries, the Lakeview Cemetery and the Grand Centre Memorial Park Cemetery.

The Lakeview Cemetery 2205 1st Ave, Cold Lake (North)
The Lakeview Cemetery was established in 1930 by the United Church and officially taken over by the City of Cold Lake in January 2001. It covers two acres and the main entrance is located on 22nd Street.

Grand Centre Memorial Park Cemetery 4608 38th Ave, Cold Lake (South)
The Grand Centre Memorial Park Cemetery was established in 1992 by the City of Cold Lake. It covers 1.9 acres and the main entrance is located on 47th Street.

Cemetery Visiting Hours
8:00 a.m. - sunset (every day of the year)

Cemetery Arrangements
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
Cemetery arrangements and the payment of cemetery fees can be made at
Cold Lake City Hall, 5513 – 48 Avenue 
City Hall is closed on Saturday, Sunday and holidays observed by the City.

Main Contact Information
Legislative Services Department
Phone: 780-594-4494
Email: legislative@coldlake.com

How can we help you?
The City of Cold Lake and dedicated staff are happy to help you with the following cemetery services:

Plot Purchase 
Purchase of two types of plots are available for interments: (1) in-ground plots and (2) columbaria niches.  In-ground plots and columbaria niches can be reserved in advance or purchased when needed. City staff are able to provide guidance on the types of plots available and the number and type of interments that can be made into them.

All interments into a City cemetery must be authorized by the City. The City maintains a permanent record of all interments into its cemeteries.

A City permit is required prior to the installation of a monument in a City cemetery. City staff are able to provide monument specifications for in-ground plots and the engraving of columbaria niches.  Monuments for in-ground plots can be purchased through a memorial provider. The engraving of columbaria niches is arranged by the City, when an application for a columbaria inscription is received.

Memorials without Interment
Memorialization of loved ones (without interment) is available on the Memorial Wall and Memorial Bench Program. City staff are able to provide information about these programs.

Research and Information
City staff can provide the location of gravesites to families, genealogical researchers, funeral homes and memorialization professionals.

Cemetery Maintenance and Regulations
City staff are able to provide information about the allowances on tributes left on gravesites.

Cemeteries Informational Booklet
Columbaria Brochure

The regulations which apply to the City’s two cemeteries are established by the:
City of Cold Lake Cemetery Management Bylaw 677-AD-20
City of Cold Lake Cemetery Management Policy 207-AD-19

City's Cemetery Forms:
Plot Purchase
Application to Inter Remains into a Plot
Application to Place a Monument or Memorial
Memorial Bench Application