Development Permits

Development Permits

When do I need a development permit?
A Development Permit is required for new construction, and when a building undergoes a change of use.

The City of Cold Lake Bylaw does not list all the individual uses that require a development permit. It does list the uses that do NOT require a development permit (see section 3.2 of the Land Use Bylaw). Therefore, if a use is not specifically exempted, it requires a development permit.

The following are SOME of the types of construction that DO NOT need a development permit IF they comply with all the rules of the Land Use Bylaw:

  • Maintenance or repair to any building, if the work does not include structural alterations;
  • The construction of private driveways and patios in residential districts;
  • The erection or construction of buildings needed in connection with operations for which a development permit has been issued, for the period of those operations, provided that such development does not increase the design capacity, number of employees, or traffic to the site of the approved operation;
  • An accessory development not greater than 10.0 square metres nor exceeding 2.4 metres in height;
  • An unenclosed deck or a deck enclosed by a rail or parapet wall, with a floor less than 60 cm above grade;
  • Development exempted under the Act
  • Demolition, if a development permit had been approved for new development on the same site and demolition is implicit in that permit
  • Use of a building as a temporary polling station, returning officers headquarters, candidates campaign office and any other government temporary use in connection with a federal, provincial, or municipal election, referendum or census
  • Landscaping; a) play structures less than 3.5 metres in height; b) clock towers, monuments, sculptures, federal, provincial, or municipal flags, and similar aesthetic enhancements not in a residential district; and c) where the existing grade and surface drainage pattern is not materially altered, except where the landscaping is required as part of a development permit
  • Lot stripping, grading, or filling; a) following the execution of a development agreement with the City of Cold Lake and subject to the issue of a Notice to Proceed; and b) for public utilities or roads
  • Tree clearing with property boundaries only; a) approved within the development agreement subject to the issuance of a Notice to Proceed; following the execution of a development agreement with the City of Cold Lake; and c) for public roads and utilities
  • The maintenance and repair of public works, services, and utilities carried out by or on behalf of federal, provincial, or public authorities on land which is publicly owned or controlled
  • Satellite dishes no greater than 1.0 metres in diameter that are attached to a building
  • The construction and maintenance of fences and gates (Refer to PART 6 of the Land Use Bylaw for restrictions that apply.)
  • All forms of non-permanent structured pools/hot tubs; and
  • The placement or relocation of portable temporary storage units within the BI and the LI districts.

Development Permit Application Forms:

Development Permit Application Form - Major (Commercial)
Development Permit Application Form - Minor (Residential)
Development Completion Deposit Agreement
Damage Deposit Return
ERCB Site Check: North
ERCB Site Check: South
Property Owner Permission Form
Urban Hen Keeping application form

Development Permit Application Timelines:
Processing times for development permits vary depending on the type of development and the number of permits in the system. Permits are processed on a first-come first-served basis. The Development Authority (Development Officers or MPC) must make a decision on a development permit within 40 days of receipt of the completed application. Typically, development permits are granted much sooner. The application is deemed to be refused if no decision is made within 40 days. A development permit remains in effect for twelve (12) months from the date of issue. After that time it is considered to be expired and is no longer valid if work is not started.

Development fees are based on the type and size of the proposed development. Check the fee schedule for more information.

If your development permit application is refused, you have fourteen (14) days from the date of notification of refusal to appeal the decision to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.