Household Waste

Household Waste Collection

The City's delivery of the new waste carts for the Automated Waste Collection system is nearly complete. If your property did not receive a waste cart, but you feel it should have, contact or phone City Hall at 780-594-4494.

Properties may not have received bins for several reasons:

  1. They are in an area that are not receiving bins due to operational issues (ie. Fontain Village or Freedom Ridge).
  2. They do not have an active utility account with the City of Cold Lake.
  3. The address was simply missed on the list - we apologize!
  4. The property does not have a legal address.

Automated Waste Cart Collection

The City's Automated Waste Cart Collection System is rolling out across Cold Lake! A few important points to know about the new system:

  • Residents must leave 1 metre around the cart and ensure that there are no obstructions at least 3 metres above the cart for the cart to be collected safely.
  • The carts will be provided by the City and remain the property of the City of Cold Lake.
  • The carts are associated with a particular address, not with the owners. Should residents move, the cart must stay at the address it was delivered to.
  • Waste must be bagged before it is placed in the carts.
  • The carts must not be overfilled. Ensure that the bags are not crammed into the carts so that the waste will not fall out when the cart is collected.

Click here to view the Automated Waste Cart Collection System Guide.

For information about the system, or damaged or missing carts, contact the Public Works Department at 780-594-4496.

Manual Waste Collection

For those areas not yet taking part in the Automated system, regular garbage is also collected weekly. General rules are as follows:

Bag Limits

Each household may place up to three (3) bags or containers of regular garbage or small bundles of home renovation materials at the curb each week for collection. Each additional bag of regular garbage or small bundle of home renovation material requires a bag tag for collection. Each bag tag costs $2.50 and is available through the City. Excess waste may also be taken directly to the Cold Lake Transfer Station.

Acceptable Containers

  • Tied garbage bag (bags cannot exceed 82.5 cm (32 in) in length)
  • Secured metal or plastic container (containers cannot exceed 76 cm (30 in) in height)
  • Bundles of home renovation materials must be securely tied in bundles no more than 1.2 m (4 ft) in length
  • Scattered garbage as a result unsecured bags or containers will not be collected and is the responsibility of the home owner.

Weight Restrictions

Bags and containers including contents and bundles of home renovation materials are not to exceed 20kg (45lbs).

Wondering what type of garbage is collected and how to put it out? Review the Waste Collection Guide for your area.

Eligible premises include the following occupied dwellings, buildings and types of premises:

  • Single family dwellings including mobile homes
  • Multi unit residential dwellings that constitute a unit in a duplex, triplex, fourplex and sixplex having street or road frontage
  • Owners and occupants of properties not defined herein as eligible premises shall not place any waste materials at the curb of such properties for municipal collection

Where a property listed above is not occupied, the owner of the said premises may place waste materials originating from the same premises at the curb for municipal collection.

Household Hazardous Waste

Household Waste considered as hazardous are not collected at the curb, but can be disposed of year round at the Transfer Station or at the Annual Household Toxic Round Up.  It is held on a Saturday during the summer for Household Hazardous Waste ONLY. Commercial Waste is not accepted. Dry or empty paint cans are not considered hazardous and can be recycled at the Transfer Station.

The following items are not collected at the curb and must be taken to the Transfer Station or Annual Toxic Round Up: aerosol cans containing hazardous substances, Ammonia, automotive Batteries, BBQ starters, Brake & Transmission Fluid, Butane refills, Car waxes & polishes, Degreasers, Disinfectants, Corrosive cleaners (bleach, drain cleaners, toilet & oven cleaners, mildew removers), Electronics, Fabric softeners, Gasoline, diesel fuel & kerosene, Glue, Hair sprays (aerosols), Laundry starch & stain removers, Lighter Fluid, Lye, Nail polish & remover, Pesticides, Insecticides & Herbicides, Rug & upholstery cleaners, Rust removers, Shoe polish, Solvents, varnishes and thinners, Spa & pool chemicals, Weed killers, Wood preservatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I have more than the allowed three (3) bags of regular garbage? more

A. Each additional bag or can or bundle will require a $2.50 bag tag available through City Hall. Residents may also bring excess garbage to the landfill for disposal which will be subject to an $8 minimum charge, based on weight.


Q. Where do animal waste and kitty litter go? more

A. Animal waste and kitty litter is to be secured in a bag and placed in your regular garbage.


Q. Where does Polystyrene go? more

A. Polystyrene is to be placed with regular garbage.


Q. Can disposable coffee cups be recycled? more

A. No. Disposable coffee cups are not recyclable and must be placed in the regular garbage.


Please contact the Foreman of Waste Management with any further questions at 780-594-4496.