Kinosoo Beach playground design announced

July 25, 2017
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Kinosoo Beach playground design announced

Cold Lake, AB – Enhancements at Kinosoo Beach continue as a new playground structure has been decided on.

“We have been going through the tenders for the project, and have chosen one that will best fit the new design of the beach and what is popular for children to play on,” said General Manager of Community Services Glenn Barnes.

Blue Imp was awarded the tender for the play structure, which will have a variety of features, including a pebble scramble to climb; two climb-a-walls; a squiggle climb; a triple rail slide which allows two people to slide side-by-side; a wave slide; a panda crawl tube, and more.

The tender also included playgrounds for Imperial Park, Evergreen Park, and Birch Park. The total cost of all the parks is just under $200,000, with the Kinosoo Beach playground coming in at around $75,000.

“The quality of these playgrounds is outstanding,” said Barnes. “With so many options for kids to play on, there’s something for kids of all ages.”

Construction of the Kinosoo Beach playground is planned for the last three weeks of October, during which time a portion of the beach will be closed.

“We didn’t want to have to shut down the beach during the busiest part of the year,” explained Barnes. “As well, this was one of the best timelines we could work out with the builders, so while it won’t be ready for this season, the playground will be ready for next year.”

For more information on the Kinosoo Beach Master Plan can be found at under Reports, Plans & Studies.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017