Mayor Craig Copeland

Mayor Craig Copeland

Mayor Craig Copeland has proudly called the City of Cold Lake home for over 30 years.

After one term as councillor, he was elected mayor in October 2007, and had a successful return to the role in the 2010, 2013, and 2017 elections.

Craig’s good-natured sense of humour, remarkable sense of connection, unique sense of style, and unwavering dedication to making the City of Cold Lake a better community, makes him a good fit for the position.

A true ambassador, he boasts the city, its people and its community groups wherever he finds himself. He has a strong vision for the future and works hard to learn what the citizens of Cold Lake expect from his leadership. He sits on numerous boards and committees as a representative of council.

When he's not at City Hall or attending an event in the community, Craig can most often be found at the Cold Lake Fish Hatchery. He manages the fish stocking program and zebra mussel prevention program for the province. With an educational background in Fish and Wildlife, the mayor knows Cold Lake and the 25 different species of fish that reside in it like the back of his hand.

Craig is married to Cold Lake’s Joanne Myhre, and lives with his stepdaughter Lauren. He has two adult daughters – one off exploring the world, and the other a dental hygienist in Edmonton.

Contact Mayor Craig Copeland:  
e: ccopeland
p: 780-573-9897