Organic waste is collected at the curb bi-weekly between April 1 and Nov. 15. Materials are to be placed out on the same day as your regular garbage collection day. Please refer to the waste collection schedule to determine your collection day.

Bag Limits
Each household may place up to ten (10) bags of organic waste and five securely tied bundles of branches every two weeks. Compostable bags and heavy paper bags can be purchased at most outdoor retail outlets

Acceptable Containers

  • All kitchen & yard waste must be bagged in heavy paper or compostable bags. Only approved compostable bags with the following logos will be accepted:
Compostable/Biodegradable Products Institutelogo2
  • Please note that regular plastic bags, including those manufactured popular name brands, and many types of compostable bags claiming to be certified are not compostable and therefore not accepted in this program.
  • Bagged organic waste may be contained in a refuse container as long as it is affixed with an “organics sticker” available through the City at no charge.
  • Bundles of branches and bush must be securely tied in bundles no more than 1.2 m (4 ft) in length
  • Scattered waste as a result of unsecured bags or containers will not be collected and is the responsibility of the home owner.

Weight Restrictions
Bags and Containers including contents and bundles of branches and bush are not to exceed 20kg (45lbs).

Materials Not Accepted
Materials not accepted for bi-weekly organics pickup include: animal waste, ashes, corrugated cardboard, decorations, diapers, dirt, disposable coffee cups, glass, kitty litter, logs, magazines, newspapers,
plastic (including plastic bags), polystyrene, rock, soil, tree stumps, wire wreaths.

Reducing Odours & Nuisances

  • Store Bag outside in a secured container in a cool ventilated area
  • Wrap wet food waste in a single sheet of newspaper
  • Sprinkle a little vinegar in the bag
  • Some residents have kept food waste that causes odours such as meat, poultry, fish and dairy products (i.e., cheese) in the fridge or freezer until a few days prior to collection.
Keep in mind, these are only suggestions. We encourage residents to find what works best for them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Organics Waste

Q. Can I use regular plastic bags to contain organics?more

A. No, plastic or polystyrene is not compostable.


Q. What do I do with my Organics during the winter months?more

A. Organics may be placed in your regular garbage during the winter months or you may take it to the compost site at the Transfer Station.


Q. Why are we not separating Organics during the winter months?more

A. It was decided that the Organics program would initially be seasonal because it was unsure how much material would be generated during the winter months since the bulk of material is leaf and yard waste.


Q. Won’t keeping my organics around for two weeks create an odour or fruit fly problem?more

A. The following tips can help minimize the odours:

  • Wrap wet food waste in a single sheet of newspaper or in boxboard (i.e. cereal boxes) to help absorb moisture
  • Keep bags outside in a secured container in a shaded or well ventilated area
  • Sprinkle some vinegar over the bag or around the container

Keep in mind, these are only suggestions and we encourage residents to find what works best for them.


Q. What if I still have leaf and yard waste after the organics collection ends?more

A. Organic materials can continue to be dropped off at the compost site located at the Transfer Station. Please remember that organic waste must be free of all plastic.


Please contact the Foreman of Waste Management with
any further questions at (780) 594-4496.