Recycling and Organic Waste are collected bi-weekly on alternating weeks. Materials are to be placed out the same day as your regular garbage collection. Recycling is collected year round, while organic waste is collected from April 1 until November 15. The City of Cold Lake is divided into two zones for recycling and organics collection. Please refer to the waste collection schedule to determine the collection day in your area.

Clear or Transparent Blue Bags are to be used for curbside collection of the following materials: Aluminum Cans, Beverage Containers (cans, bottles, milk & juice jugs/cartons & boxes), Clean Aluminum Foil & Plates, Plastic Bottles & containers used for beverages, cleaners, windshield washer fluid and other household liquids (please remove caps & lids), Plastic Tubs & lids for yogurt, margarine, sour cream, cottage cheese and ice cream (please remove lids & caps), Plastic Bags including grocery, retail store carry out (please, empty & remove receipts), bread, produce, dry cleaning bags, rinsed milk bags. Glass is not accepted.

Separate Grocery Bags are to be used for curbside collection of the following materials: Clean/Dry Paper, Cards, Catalogues, Envelopes, Flyers, Junk Mail, Magazines, Newspapers, Non-Foil Gift Wrap, Paper Egg Cartons & Drink Trays, Paperback Books, Phone Book.

The following Cardboard items must be flattened, bundled & securely tied with string in armload size bundles approximately 2ft x 3ft x 8in: Appliance Boxes, Pizza Boxes, Cereal Boxes (please remove plastic liner), Shoe Boxes, Cracker/Cookie Boxes, Paper Towel Rolls, Tissue Boxes, Detergent Boxes

Please note: There is no limit to the amount of recycling collected bi-weekly at the curb

Beverage Containers can be returned directly to the Cold Lake Bottle Depot for a refund, located at: 
3609 - 50 Street, Cold lake
Hours of Operation:
For the most up-to-date operating hours, please call 780-594-6259


Frequently Asked Questions about Recyclable Waste

Q. Why Blue Bags and not the Blue Box Program?more

A. Many other municipalities were consulted in order to make this decision and it was found that the Blue Bag program is more cost effective and efficient. Bags prevent blowing litter, hold more materials and protect them from the elements. Bags are also easier to use as there is no sorting required. Bags also help increase collection efficiencies as collectors will not be required to sort materials at the curb. Recycling can also be dropped off at the City of Cold Lake's Recycling Drop-off locations.


Q. Do I have to separate my plastics and tin cans in separate bags?more

A. No. You can commingle plastic containers, plastic retail bags, clean aluminum foil and plates, tin cans, and beverage containers, all in one clear or transparent blue bag.


Q. Do I have to rinse out my recyclable containers?more

A. Yes. Food waste is considered contamination in the recycling process. This is eliminated by giving containers a quick rinse before placing them in your blue bag. Rinsing will also help minimize odours.


Q. Do I have to remove the labels on my containers?more

A. No. Labels can remain on your containers.


Q. What if I don't want to participate in the Blue Bag Program?more

A. Drop off bins are located at the Energy Centre and downtown with 24-hour access for you to drop off your recycling.


Q. Do I have to buy Transparent Bags?more

A. Yes. Transparent bags may be purchased at local retailers for utilizing our curbside recycling program. These may be purchased at many hardware and grocery stores.


Q. Can I use a garbage can to contain my blue bags?more

A. No. Clear or transparent blue bags are used to identify the contents of materials to collectors. Garbage cans are to be used for regular garbage or organic waste (when affixed with the organics sticker).


Q. Can I put recyclable paper with containers in one blue bag?more

A. No. Recyclable paper should be placed in a separate grocery bag and placed beside your blue bag on collection day.


Q. How is cardboard supposed to be prepared?more

A. Corrugated cardboard and boxboard should be flattened, bundled and securely tied with string or tape and placed beside your blue bag on collection day. Cardboard can also be broken down and placed in another box as long as it is approximately the size of a bundle. If you do not have enough cardboard material to bundle, please place items in a separate grocery bag.



Please contact the Foreman of Waste Management with
any further questions at (780) 594-4496.