Volunteer Services

The Volunteer Appreciation Event will be Sunday, April 7, 2019.
Recognize and outstanding community volunteer by nominating them for a Volunteer Appreciation award, to be presented at the event. The nomination deadline is March 1! All nominees receive a complimentary ticket to the Volunteer Appreciation Event. For more information, click here.
To nominate a volunteer for an award, check out the nomination form online here. 

Volunteer Services is proud to offer a searchable online database of exciting volunteer opportunities in Cold Lake.

Peruse dozens of current position descriptions from several local volunteer-driven agencies that need your help. Visit www.govolunteer.ca and search for opportunities in Cold Lake, Alberta.  Be sure to bookmark this website and check it often because new positions often open up!

Our Volunteer Services is proud to announce another online search engine of exciting volunteer opportunities in Cold Lake. You can access this website at infomall.ca. Visit Infomall.ca and visit the Trading Post where you will find the volunteers sections on the left-hand side.

Want to be sure a volunteer opportunity meets your interests, availability and abilities before you make the call?  Each posting on govolunteer.ca contains all of these details and more.  Getting involved in your community as a volunteer couldn’t be easier and more satisfying!

Need more help?

Have you looked at govolunteer.ca and are still unsure about how you would like to get involved as a volunteer in your community?

Book an appointment with our Volunteer Services Programmer by calling 780-594-4495 and take some time to discuss your interests, goals and availability—we can recommend local agencies that might work for you. Print and complete a Prospective Volunteer Profile and bring it with you.

Have you looked at the govolunteer.ca website and decided that you’re interested in volunteering at Cold Lake and District FCSS or the Parent Link Centre?

Schedule an appointment with our Volunteer Services Programmer for a personal interview by calling 780-594-4495. All volunteers are required to complete a Prospective Volunteer Profile and an FCSS Volunteer Application. Feel free to print, complete and bring these forms in with you to speed up the application process.

Attention Community Groups and Volunteer Coordinators!

Would you like to advertise your volunteer opportunities on govolunteer.ca?  If you haven’t done so already, contact our Volunteer Services Programmer at 780-594-4495 and register your organization to receive this free community service. Once registered, you can complete the Recruitment Requisition for general positions, or the Board of Directors Recruitment Requisition for board and committee positions. 

These forms can be faxed to 780-594-1157 and you will be notified when your submitted positions appear on the govolunteer.ca website.

Volunteering Offers Many Rewards:

  • make a contribution to our community
  • use your skills and experiences
  • support and strengthen a cause that personally affects you
  • explore your own strengths
  • network with or meet new people
  • spend time with friends
  • improve employment opportunities