Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – Enhancements at Kinosoo Beach continue as a new playground structure has been decided on.

“We have been going through the tenders for the project, and have chosen one that will best fit the new design of the beach and what is popular for children to play on,” said General Manager of Community Services Glenn Barnes.

Blue Imp was awarded the tender for the play structure, which will have a variety of features, including a pebble scramble to climb; two climb-a-walls; a squiggle climb; a triple rail slide which allows two people to slide side-by-side; a wave slide; a panda crawl tube, and more.

The tender also included playgrounds for Imperial Park, Evergreen Park, and Birch Park. The total cost of all the parks is just under $200,000, with the Kinosoo Beach playground coming in at around $75,000.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – Cold Lake has acknowledged Portage College’s reversal of its decision to bring the Voyageurs Men’s Hockey team to the city. The team will not be moving to the City of Cold Lake for the 2018 Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) Men’s Hockey season. 

“Our council works hard to support community stakeholders and to help them find success through a collaborative partnership with the city, and that is the spirit with which we approached this opportunity,” Mayor Craig Copeland said. “Although I am sure there will be some disappointment in the community that the team will not play here, we support Portage College’s decision and wish the Voyageurs all the best in their 2018 season.” 

It is the City of Cold Lake’s understanding that Portage College reversed its decision to avoid what could have been a costly legal defense against a lawsuit and a request for an injunction filed by Lac La Biche County. In addition to the cost of defending against the lawsuit, the potential delays could have threatened the team’s 2018 season. 

Earlier this year, council was approached by Portage College with a business plan to assist the Voyageurs Men’s ACAC Hockey team with a sponsorship package. In early May, councillors voted unanimously to accept the business plan, which included a direct financial commitment of $300,000 over three years, as well as commitments to provide for other operational requirements needed by the team. City staff immediately began making preparations to bring the team into the Energy Centre. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – At a special council meeting held today, Cold Lake City Council voted to pursue an enhanced policing program that would bring a Police Dog Service to the city.

The enhanced policing initiative, which is supported by the Federal Government and the RCMP, was planned for the 2018 budget. A chance to acquire a police dog and Police Dog Service member at the Cold Lake RCMP Detachment presented itself earlier than expected, however, and the special meeting was called to vote on pursuing the service for 2017.

“We know that these two new members would very much be welcomed at the detachment and within the community,” Mayor Craig Copeland said. “We made the decision to bring a police dog team to the area to help ensure the RCMP in our region has a variety of assets available.”

Although the enhancement was planned for 2018, the City of Cold Lake was made aware that a Police Dog Service team will graduate this from the training centre in Innisfail, Alberta and may be available for posting to the Cold Lake detachment. The post would still require final approval by the Federal Government.

RCMP police dogs are used for a wide variety of policing applications. They can search for missing persons, track suspects, search for narcotics, evidence or explosives, and can also be used for community relations and school programs.

While Police Dog Service assets are based out of a given detachment, they are used by the RCMP when and where needed. Prior to council’s decision, the closest Police Dog Service unit was stationed in St. Paul and would come to Cold Lake when needed and available.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The City of Cold Lake is rolling out a new technology to extend the life of its roadways. For the first time in the City of Cold Lake, a process known as micro surfacing will be used on stretches of road to extend the time before which major resurfacing is required.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – Council voted in favour of an attempt to create a dedicated outdoor facility for the growing sport of pickleball in Cold Lake this construction season.

During Council’s Corporate Priorities Committee meeting on May 16, 2017, council received an update to the Tennis Court Replacement Project (for Ivan Krook Park and Hill Top Park) where this discussion of pickleball originated. A number of emails were sent to the City over concerns that dedicated Tennis Court were being developed in Cold Lake North. 

At the May 16 meeting, council agreed to add four pickleball courts to Hill Top Park and one pickleball court to the Kinosoo Beach. At council’s June 13 Regular Meeting, it was decided that Cold Lake will see an additional eight dedicated pickleball courts developed in the community.

“We’ve received a lot of requests for this facility and have moved money around in the budget to add this project to the 2017 list,” Mayor Craig Copeland said. “There is a dedicated and growing group of pickleball players in the city and council identified the need to support this growing sport.”

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87 and the City of Cold Lake have reached an agreement regarding the city’s annexation proposal.

The agreement sets out the terms of a joint submission to the Municipal Government Board (MGB) for the City of Cold Lake’s proposed annexation of 11 quarter sections of land from the M.D. The MGB will make the final determination on the annexation proposal.

“The Municipal District of Bonnyville is pleased the annexation negotiations have culminated with an agreement that met both municipalities’ concerns,” said M.D. Reeve Ed Rondeau. “M.D. Council has signed the annexation agreement to support continued growth in the region.”

The agreement recommends that the annexation come into effect on January 1, 2018 and that the city pay $500,000 in compensation to the M.D. once the proposed annexation comes into effect.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – The City of Cold Lake has hired a firm to start conceptual plans to see if a suitable new building to house the Lakeland Humane Society (LHS) can be accommodated at its existing location. 

“The Lakeland Humane Society provides a great service to our residents and is very well regarded throughout the region,” Mayor Craig Copeland said. “Our community is young and growing, and the society needs help to keep pace with the demand for the services it provides.”

The LHS operates independently of the City of Cold Lake, but provides the city’s pound-keeper services and pet licencing services under contract. The city is responsible for animal control and the enforcement of bylaws that govern the keeping of pets.

In late May, council approved a budget of $22,500 to prepare a site plan for the Lakeland Humane Society at its existing location. JMAA architecture has been retained to create the plans.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Cold Lake Energy Centre has resumed normal operations this morning.

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Cold Lake Energy Centre will remain closed tomorrow to accommodate air quality testing before the facility will be reopened.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Council passed a tax rate that will see, on average, a slightly lower increase in municipal taxes than the projected 2-per-cent expected when the 2017 budget was passed.

Monday, May 29, 2017

The City of Cold Lake is aware of the public concern about the amount of tent caterpillars that have been noticed. The city is doing its best to focus on mechanical, rather than chemical, measures of control. This is due to the fact that the most effective chemical solutions involve pesticides that are non-selective, which would result in the destruction of many other species.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – City Council is continuing to discuss physician recruitment for the community, as the number of people that are unattached continues to be a concern raised by the residents of Cold Lake.

“Our community and the surrounding area is under continual growth,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “Council will work with the chief of staff at Cold Lake Hospital to increase the availability of family and specialized physicians to practice at the hospital. Scheduling meetings with senior Alberta Health Services officials in the near future is a high priority for council.”

While new doctors have arrived in the city over the years, doctors have also left, leaving a continual gap in the number of people without access to a family physician.  Based on information provided by Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Hearts for Health Care, Cold Lake has 12 practicing physicians. For reference, in 2007, Cold Lake records show that 10 doctors were practicing.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – With summer around the corner, City Council addressed the issue of tennis courts and pickleball courts within the city.

“Administration has come up with several options for us to consider on where we want to put down lines,” explained Mayor Craig Copeland. “Ideally, we would like to see a dedicated outdoor pickleball court, but at this time the solution may be to paint pickleball lines onto one of our tennis courts.”

The city budgeted for the replacement/rehabilitation of the existing tennis courts during council’s past budget cycle. The dual tennis courts in the North are being reconstructed as a new facility, while the tennis court in the South will be getting a new surface.

“Because the court in the South is built on top of a water reservoir, the weight of laying new asphalt became a potential issue,” said Copeland. “We asked a structural engineer to look into whether or not regular asphalt would work, and they were not comfortable with that much weight over the reservoir.”

Monday, May 15, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – The City of Cold Lake will once again be offering Grade A compost from its Organics Recycling Program.

“This is the city’s give-back approach to residents for their active participation toward achieving the city’s waste diversion goals, and reducing carbon footprints,” explained Environmental Services Manager Shailesh Modak.

The compost is suitable for residential flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, and as a top soil for lawns.

In 2016, the City of Cold Lake’s Organics Recycling Program yielded 1,650 tonnes of yard waste, which was recycled by the community.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – Council voted to increase its Capital Road Improvement Program by just over $1 million after the Government of Alberta confirmed the continuation of an annual grant.

Cold Lake City Council had allocated $719,000 to the 2017 Capital Road Improvement Program, which generally sees significant funding from the Basic Municipal Transportation Grant (BMTG). Because the continuation of the BMTG, along with the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) grant, had not been confirmed by the Government of Alberta prior to the City’s budget process, the funding was not initially included in 2017 programming.

“Council took a prudent approach not to include grants that we did not know we were going to get in our budget,” Copeland said. “We are grateful that these grant programs were extended and we hope that this signals the continuation of these municipal grants on a long-term basis.”

Including the BMTG in the Capital Road Improvement Program brings the program’s total funding to $1.75 million for 2017, matching the funding the program saw in 2016.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – The addition of an inflatable dome is being considered as part of the City of Cold Lake’s artificial turf field project.
After a resident gave a presentation to council about the benefits of including an inflatable structure over top of an artificial turf field, council decided the idea was worth looking into for more information.
“It’s great to see residents of the community coming forward with ideas,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “The presenter clearly has a passion for minor sports and bettering our community, and this dome for the turf field is something council wants to consider.”
City staff presented council with some information on how inflatable dome structures operate, including the set-up, take-down, and storage. Administration continues to research additional details council needs to consider before moving forward. Some of these include the cost of labour for set-up and tear-down, the cost of utilities, and what changes would need to be made to the current plan to incorporate such a structure. One change may be the elimination of the full-sized track around the field.
“We’re not necessarily talking about adding a dome to the field now, but we want to see if it’s worth planning the project in a way that one can be added further down the line,” Copeland said. “When you build top-of-the-line infrastructure, you want it to get all the use possible, and this idea could more than double the use the field would get each year, so it’s an option we have to at least consider.” 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – Cold Lake City Council voted to authorize the purchase of naming rights and a marketing proposal from Portage College, which aims to transition its men’s collegiate hockey team into the city for the next season.

The City of Cold Lake was approached by Portage in mid-March and began discussions surrounding the possible relocation of its men’s hockey team, known as the Voyageurs, which plays in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC).

“The city’s understanding is that financial considerations prompted the college to look for a new home for its hockey team,” Mayor Craig Copeland said. “We’ve built Imperial Oil Place for a very high level of hockey in this community, and we see the benefits of this partnership with Portage College. This will not only benefit sports fans, but enhance the experience for college students in our region.”

The Voyageurs men’s hockey team has nine years of experience in the ACAC and plays a regular season with 18 home games each year. The sponsorship and marketing deal which council accepted includes $300,000 in financial assistance over three years, as well as a commitment to help with the infrastructure that the team would need to make a successful transition.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A computerized model of the city’s wastewater collection system confirms that Cold Lake’s wastewater infrastructure is outperforming the systems found in many municipalities of a similar size. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – With record-breaking levels of snow falling on the City of Cold Lake over the Easter weekend, city officials are thankful to the public for its patience.

“I’m very happy with the way the community responded to the weather,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “I understand it was frustrating if a person needed to get anywhere, but our road crews were out all weekend to clear the snow as it fell, and we are proud of the job they did.”

Residents are thanked for their understanding and patience throughout the weekend. An announcement was made through the city’s Facebook page in regards to snow removal, which reached almost 14,000 people, and was shared over 80 times.

“I’m thankful the word was able to spread so quickly about what crews were up to over the holiday weekend,” said Copeland. “A lot of people had questions about what was going on, and it was nice to see interaction and feedback.”

Crews worked daily to remove the snow, following the priority areas as set out by the city’s Snow Removal Policy.

“The decision was made to push the snow to the side to allow for faster access to more areas,” said Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Nagoya. “Crews went back around later to unblock driveways once the main arteries of the city had been cleared; this took time due to the volume of snow.” The City’s snow storage facilities were also closed due to the recent warm temperatures making them into inaccessible mud pits which limited options to store snow.

As of Tuesday, some residential areas had yet to be cleared, as crews continued to work across the city to clear as much snow as possible.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – The City of Cold Lake is pleased to announce the launch of its real-time transit tracking app.  

Working with TransLoc, and made possible with the assistance of the provincial GreenTRIP grant, the City of Cold Lake has made available the GPS-based app, known as the TransLoc Rider. The app, which is free to download, gives transit users a real-time view of where the buses are and when they will arrive at each stop. It can be viewed from a smart phone or a desk-top computer.

“This will ensure that transit users can minimize their wait times and work Cold Lake Transit into their daily lives as efficiently as possible,” Mayor Craig Copeland said. “We are thrilled to bring this technology to Cold Lake Transit, and thank the Government of Alberta for its contribution to this project.”

The application is viewable on a desktop computer at, and is also available for download from the App Store and Google Play. To download the app, visit and follow the links provided, or search “TransLoc Rider” in the App Store or on Google Play.

In addition to providing the public with real-time scheduling information, the app will help the City of Cold Lake’s administration gather information about when and where riders are taking public transit in Cold Lake, streamlining the data collection process.

“With this application just recently launched, we appreciate the public’s feedback on the app and thank the public for their patience with any bugs we work through in the initial days of the launch,” Kevin Nagoya, the city’s Chief Administrative Officer said.  “This is an exciting addition to Cold Lake Transit that should increase the system’s accessibility and convenience.”  

Friday, March 31, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – Every year, marina slips struggle to be renewed on time, and council debated various options on how to improve the process at the last regular council meeting.

“It’s just not a good time to get people to renew their slips,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “People go away for the winter, or may not know if they will even be here by the summertime, so a lot of people end up missing the deadline.”

Council voted to extend the deadline from March 15 to April 15 this year, giving slip holders an additional month to get their payments in for this year before losing their berth.

“It’s been a tough year for a lot of people, and we wanted to give them a bit more time to come through with their renewals before going down the list to replace them,” said Copeland.

The topic of changing the renewal policy also came up, with councillors offering various suggestions on how the process could be improved for the future. Council then voted to visit the issue in more detail at a future Corporate Priorities meeting, where they will look at changing the policy for marina slip renewals, and make it easier for administration and users alike.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – The application deadline for the Community Capital Project Grant was extended by City Council on Tuesday evening.

“There are so many community groups that could really take advantage of this grant, and funding from council,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “We hope to see more groups submit an application for the funding.”

Originally launched in November, the deadline for applications is scheduled for March 1 of every year. The policy outlines the process to administer grant funding to individuals or groups who request it.

“Since this is the first year we have had the grant policy, we felt it was important to make sure people were aware of its existence and the application deadline,” said Copeland. “It was a bit of a short turnaround to the original deadline, and that is part of the reason we opted to extend it.”

The extended deadline is for 2017 only, and applications will be accepted until June 1, 2017, before returning to the original timeline of March in 2018.

In order to be eligible to apply for the grant, an organization must be based in the City of Cold Lake, and registered as not-for-profit, or as a charitable organization. As well, the organization must demonstrate sustainability, and their primary mandate must be to provide sports, recreation, arts, culture, social services, or community wellness within Cold Lake.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – A municipal election will take place this October, and preparations at the City of Cold Lake have already begun.

Information for voters and potential candidates has been posted on the city’s website, outlining everything from what kind of identification a person needs when voting, to the process of putting your name forward as a potential candidate. Election Day falls on Monday, Oct. 16, 2017, and information about the voting station and advance voting days will be made available closer to the date. Special ballots will also be available for residents who are incapacitated or who are out of town for the election.

Candidates will be officially named on Monday, Sept. 18, 2017, when Nomination Day takes place, though a candidate is still able to withdraw his or her name before noon the following day, should he or she change his or her mind. Candidates are required to submit their nomination papers between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Nomination Day, along with the $100 deposit, as outlined in the City of Cold Lake Municipal Election Procedures Bylaw.

A candidate can run either for the position of mayor or a position as councillor. All residents interested in running are advised to read through the material on the website, and contact Returning Officer Linda Mortenson if they have any questions.

Prior to Nomination Day, potential candidates who wish to raise money for their campaign or who will self-fund their campaign in excess of $10,000, must complete and submit an Application for Registration of Notice of Intent to Become a Candidate for Municipal Office prior to accepting any campaign contributions.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – The City of Cold Lake has been recognized through a Minister’s Award for Transportation Innovation for its public transit system.

“It is unique for a municipality our size to have a public transit system that is so well embraced by the community,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “Because administration found a way to start the system with a small capital investment, we were able to establish a strong base ridership and work out any kinks for a fraction of the cost we would have by buying new buses.”

The 2017 Minister’s Award of Excellence for Transit/Accessible Transportation Innovation was received on March 13 by Mayor Copeland, Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Nagoya and General Manager of Infrastructure Services Azam Khan, at the 20th Annual Tri-Party Transportation Conference in Red Deer.

“This just goes to show that Cold Lake Transit is something that people want; something that people in our community need, and the Provincial Government recognizes our efforts in making it happen,” said Copeland. “On behalf of council I have to thank the city staff who worked hard to make our vision for public transit in Cold Lake a reality.”

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – The Meals on Wheels (MOW) program will continue on after the city was asked to help with the administration of the program.

The Cold Lake Seniors’ Society requested that the City of Cold Lake take over the responsibility of managing the program beginning March 1, 2017.

“The public can come to us or call for a client application if they need assistance,” explained FCSS Manager Kim Schmidtz. “We’re happy to help keep such an important program running in our community.”

MOW is a meal delivery program where volunteers pick up pre-ordered meals and deliver them to pre-registered clients. Meal plans range in options, from hot meals to frozen meals that can reheated on demand. The program had requests for 490 meals in both 2015 and 2016.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – Cold Lake and District FCSS is opening their doors to a new counselling service.

“The service is meant primarily to assist those who do not otherwise have the means to access psychological services,” explained FCSS Manager Kim Schmidtz. “We wanted to make this calibre of service more affordable.”

Beginning in February, community members can see Registered Provisional Psychologist Genevieve Milliken, who specializes in anxiety and depression. Other areas of her expertise includes bullying, stress management, anger management, and parenting strategies.

“This is a partnership program with Supporting Wellness, which has afforded us to have Genevieve on site every Monday afternoon for the next year,” said Schmidtz. “I cannot express how grateful we are to Imperial for their support in bringing this valuable service to the community.”

Friday, February 10, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – There was a strong turnout at the City of Cold Lake-hosted meeting with people interested in volunteering to patrol their community.

With about 75 people in attendance, a presentation was offered by representatives from the Alberta Citizens on Patrol Association (ACOPA) on how to create and run a local group in the City of Cold Lake and the surrounding area.

“We were asked about Citizens on Patrol, and in response, we contacted ACOPA to have them come up to teach residents what it is and how to start a group,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “There was a clear desire last night to learn more, and we were happy to help the volunteers get in touch with the right people.”

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The City of Cold Lake saw its population grow by over 1,100 people in the last five years, according to Federal Census data released today.

The City’s population grew by 8.1 per cent, to 14,961 in 2016 from 13,839 in 2011. The previous Federal Census, conducted in in 2011, showed almost twice the growth with a 15.4 per cent increase that brought the population up to 13,839 from 11,991 in 2006.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cold Lake, AB – City council is offering an additional rebate to assist those businesses that expand or enhance their building space to deliver services to the community.

“It’s important to continue providing retention and attraction incentives for our commercial businesses,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “Our original policy is able to help if the property value increased, but we wanted to give businesses a bit more of a hand.”

In 2010, council passed a policy to help small groups and businesses get started, grow their business, or make improvements to their properties based off of an increased property value.

The original policy has been updated to grant a business owner a rebate worth 100 per cent of the municipal tax increase resulting from the increase in the assessed value of the property. This is an increase from the original 50 per cent, and is paid out over three years.

Though this rebate requires an increase in the business’s property value to qualify, council has decided to add an additional incentive for businesses to make improvements or upgrade.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cold Lake, AB – The City of Cold Lake is asking for meetings with the Government of Alberta to discuss the future of the ID 349 agreement and the City’s continued sustainability.

“We arrived at the agreement for revenue from ID 349 as a solution to ensure the City’s ongoing viability,” Mayor Craig Copeland said. “We’ve been informed that the agreement will continue for 2017 and that the government has had talks with a number of municipalities in the region about the agreement’s future beyond that time. The City of Cold Lake relies on this revenue for 41 per cent of our budget, however, we have not had a chance to voice our concerns in person.”

Copeland noted that in its journey to secure the agreement for ID 349 revenue, the City went through a government-ordered municipal inspection after passing a notice of dissolution. In order to ensure the ID 349 agreement could take place, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo received Crown land as compensation for land it gave to the County of Lac La Biche. This land transfer was calculated with the intention that it be revenue neutral. The MD of Bonnyville also receives money under the deal for the maintenance of the road to the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range.

“It is frustrating to see our municipal neighbors concerned about ID 349 once again, and not supporting the fact that the City of Cold Lake, which is home to 4 Wing, is finally a stable, financially sound community and a strong regional partner,” Copeland said. “After the last provincial election, neighbouring municipalities capitalized on the change in government and lobbied the province to change our sustainability deal for their own benefit.”

Friday, December 9, 2016

Cold Lake, AB – Cold Lake Transit received a big boost from the Federal and Provincial Governments this weekend with the announcement that the City’s two transit grant applications were successful.

“Public transit has had enormous social and environmental impacts in our community and we are excited to see the Province and Federal Government’s support for transit not only in Cold Lake, but across the province of Alberta,” Mayor Craig Copeland said.

Cold Lake was successful in its Core-Fleet Replacement application as well as a second application for projects that will increase pedestrian connectivity to the transit system and provide for real-time GPS scheduling for the transit buses. The grant money totals over $1 million in Federal and Provincial support for Cold Lake Transit.

The Core-Fleet Replacement program will see the city’s two main buses replaced by new, low-floor diesel buses. The existing buses will stay in the fleet as backup units and to provide the capability to enhance scheduling or expand the routes in the future. Of the project’s total $1 million, $174,000 will be funded through the Federal Government’s Public Transit Infrastructure Fund, and $666,700 will come through the Provincial Green Transit Incentives Program (GreenTRIP). The balance of the project, or $159,300, will come from the City of Cold Lake’s Capital Budget.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Cold Lake, AB – After a few weeks of construction, the secondary access road to the Cold Lake Energy Centre will be open tonight.

 “We’re very happy with the project,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “With this road put in, we can move forward with the other work and events scheduled at the Energy Centre, and not have to worry about the ease of access to the facility.”

This timely opening is expected to help traffic flow for the World Junior A Challenge Pre-Competition game tonight.

The road will help ensure efficient traffic flow to and from the facility, especially during peak times, such as concerts, hockey games, and other large events.

The total budget for the project, including engineering and construction, is $1.1 million. The project began mid-October.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cold Lake, AB – The City of Cold Lake has named its first Junior Investigator.

Matthew McKay collected all six trading cards of the Municipal Enforcement Officers, and traded them in to gain the title of Junior Investigator.

“Upon successful completion of his investigation, Matthew made contact with Municipal Enforcement to give us his report,” said Senior Community Peace Officer Ryan Deschamps.

McKay was advised to come in to Headquarters, where he was presented with a Junior Investigator Certificate of Recognition, a high visibility Junior Investigator toque, and a Felix the Fox beanbag buddy, who is the sidekick of Peace Officer Pete.

The Junior Investigator program was introduced at the beginning of the 2016 school year. The goal was to reach out and make contact with the youth in the community in a positive and educational capacity.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cold Lake, AB – Community members, groups, and organizations looking for project funding from City Council will now have a standardized application process to help them.

The Community Capital Project Grant Policy outlines a new process to administer grant funding to individuals or groups who request it.

It starts with a single annual deadline for applications. Any community organization seeking grant funding from council may not be considered that year, if they do not apply by the deadline.

From here, there are several criteria that need to be met. In order to be eligible to apply for the grant, an organization must be based in the City of Cold Lake, and registered as not-for-profit, or as a charitable organization. As well, the organization must demonstrate sustainability, and their primary mandate must be to provide sports, recreation, arts, culture, social services, or community wellness within Cold Lake.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Cold Lake, AB – Parking measures for recreational vehicles (RVs) and trailers have been outlined and passed by City Council after a lot of community feedback on the original proposal earlier this year.

“I think council should be proud of the work they did to amend the Land Use Bylaw,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “It took a lot of time to come up with compromises that should work for the majority of the community.”

Changes were made to the Land Use Bylaw to add details about the definition of a trailer and where it can be parked on a residential property within the city.

A trailer is now defined as a vehicle designed to be attached to or drawn by a motor vehicle or tractor; intended to transport property, and includes any vehicle defined by the Alberta Regulation as a trailer, but does not include machinery or equipment solely used in the construction or maintenance of highways.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Cold Lake, AB – Canadian rock band Marianas Trench is coming to Cold Lake on Feb. 4, 2017 with their new tour, Marianas Trench and the Last Crusade.

“It’s great to have a Canadian band like Marianas Trench come and play in Cold Lake,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “We’re very excited to be hosting them, and look forward to the show.”

The tour is in support of Marianas Trench’s latest studio album Astoria (604 Records/Sony) which echoes one part 1980’s fantasy adventure film and one part classic Marianas Trench. The new video for the single called, “Who Do You Love”, is a “Pay It Forward” gesture inspiring people to go out and do some good, make the world a better place, even if just for a moment. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Cold Lake, AB – Since being established in the spring, the Photo Enforced Traffic Safety Program has been running smoothly.

Though warning tickets were given out in the beginning, the first tickets requiring payment were given out in August. The funds collected from these tickets were placed in a fund for safety and infrastructure projects, the details of which were passed at City Council on Nov. 22.

“Ensuring that funds from this program are earmarked for public safety is a huge priority for us,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “With the funds from this program, we can turn around and help work on areas that citizens identify as a public safety concern.”

All net revenue received from the Photo Enforced Traffic Safety Program will be put into the Infrastructure Safety Fund. This fund will be used for projects that promote public safety, prevent a public safety issue, and/or to address an existing safety concern.

The public will be able to submit applications for use of the funds, so long as it is for a recognized public safety need, a preventable public safety issue, or a safety concern in the community. As well, the application must address a proposed infrastructure-based solution.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Cold Lake, AB – They City of Cold Lake is thrilled to announce singer, songwriter, superstar Toby Keith will perform live at the Imperial Oil Place Arena on July 14, 2017.

“We are thrilled to host Toby Keith in Cold Lake,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “To have such a great name come and perform for us is very exciting. I’m sure people from around the Lakeland will attend the show.”

From his first No. 1 smash "Should've Been A Cowboy" to his new album 35 mph Town, Toby Keith has been one of the most consistent self-directed hit makers of his era. From one of his previous collections, Clancy's Tavern, the lead single, "Made In America," topped the charts as one of the fastest rising songs in a long line of chart burners from Keith's pen. The second hit, "Red Solo Cup," has become the most remarkable and commercially successful country single in recent memory with a viral video with more than 30 million views while having topped the top downloaded country songs charts.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cold Lake, AB – The popularity of a recent survey held by the City of Cold Lake has opened up a few questions as to how businesses become established in the community.

“There seems to be a bit of confusion on how businesses come to Cold Lake,” said Howard Pinnock, General Manager of Planning and Development. “The City itself does not open up businesses, no matter how much support there might be.”

Rather, it is an individual or investors who needs to open the business.

“Although the city can provide incentives for businesses, someone other than the city needs to initiate the process,” explained Pinnock.

Typically, there are two ways to bring a franchise or business into Cold Lake. The first, is an individual willing to invest in the business will approach the head office, at which point the head office will look to see if Cold Lake is a good fit for the franchise’s business plans.

On the other hand, some franchises have a team of people looking for new locations as part of their business development strategy. If a community meets the parameters they set, they will advertise for an individual to invest in their franchise or to manage their operations. Often, as these businesses saturate larger centres, they move to a smaller communities and scale their outlets to fit the new communities’ needs.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Motorists are advised that the main street intersection is expected to open late this evening (November 16) or early tomorrow morning (November 17). Continued warm weather has allowed the contractor to make significant progress. 
City staff are asking for the public’s patience as it will take several weeks to optimize the traffic lights and maximize traffic flow through the intersection. 
Motorists are also asked to be aware that some construction will be ongoing in the intersection, and so caution should be exercised throughout the construction area

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Cold Lake, AB – Cold Lake City Council has arrived at a draft budget with just over $42.2 million in operating expenditures and just over $18.6 million spent on capital projects. The budget allocates approximately $8 million in taxation revenue from ID 349 to balance the operational budget.

“After holding the line on taxes for four years, we are looking at a modest tax increase to balance the 2017 budget,” Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland said. “We are balancing the need to keep costs down for residents in these hard economic times with the need to pay for the increased cost in services and to keep up with our infrastructure needs.”

During the 2013 election, council vowed not to raise taxes for three years to bring the City of Cold Lake’s taxes in line with those found in similar communities. Council extended that commitment for a fourth year in 2016 as a response to the slowing economy.

The 2017 draft budget forecasts a two-per-cent increase in municipal tax bills. As a reference, each per cent in the municipal taxes equates to about $190,000 in revenue to offset costs. Also forecasted is a five-per-cent increase to water and sewer rates to maintain 100 per cent operational cost recovery for those services.

Not included in the budget is nearly $4 million in provincial revenue sharing that the City received last year through the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI).

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The newly put-up lights at Highway 28 and Veteran's Drive are undergoing final testing this week, with the expectation of having everything up and running in the next week or two.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cold Lake, AB – Construction has started on a secondary access road to the Cold Lake Energy Centre. 
The secondary access will be built to a gravel road standard and will connect the Energy Centre to 16th Avenue, ensuring ample access to the facility. 
“This project has been on council’s radar for some time – the trick has been to fit it into the budget at a time that made sense,” Mayor Craig Copeland said. “With all of the other work scheduled to be done at the Energy Centre and Imperial Park, we did not want to build a road we would have to end up moving.” 
The road will help ensure efficient traffic flow to and from the facility, especially during peak time such as concerts, hockey games and other large events. The total budget for the project, including engineering and construction, is $1.1 million. The project began in mid-October, and construction is expected to be completed by October 31, 2016. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Cold Lake, AB – The City of Cold Lake has received another award for its National Public Works Week activities.
“We’re very proud of our Public Works department and all the dedicated work they do,” said Mayor Craig Copeland.
The Alberta Public Works Association named the City of Cold Lake the winner of the Project of the Year Category: Public Works Week. This backs onto the city being recognized at a national level after receiving the National Public Works Week 2016 Canadian Public Works Association Small Centres Award in August.
Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cold Lake, AB – For the first time, the City of Cold Lake was the host city for the Alberta Provincial Communities in Bloom awards.
“It’s a real honour to be hosting Communities in Bloom,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “We’re very thankful to the Communities in Bloom Committee for organizing and carrying out the event.”
Special guest speakers were Rhonda and Daryl Sidoryk, who spend their time cleaning up various parts of the community. They spoke about what they do and why they are proud to be part of the community.
The City of Cold Lake received five blooms last year, which is the maximum number of blooms a community can receive. As the host city this year, Cold Lake was not evaluated.
In attendance was the City of Edmonton, the City of Red Deer, the Hamlet of Woking, the City of Grande Prairie, the Town of Bruderheim, the Town of Taber, Saddle Hills County, the Village of Boyle, the Town of Ponoka, and the Town of St. Paul.
“Everyone who was involved did a really great job,” said Greenspace Coordinator Jazelle Robb. “Communities in Bloom is not just about the flowers, it’s about the community as a whole. Everything we did during the event really reflected that.”

Monday, September 19, 2016

Cold Lake, AB – There will be no public access to the breakwater at the Cold Lake Marina while crucial repairs to the access are being undertaken.
Workers have been demolishing the old slab connection, and filling the area with gravel and compacting it. Currently, rebar is being installed, and forms will be created and poured this week, weather permitting.
At this time, there is no access permitted to the breakwater. Once the concrete has been poured, it will take about a week or two to allow the concrete to dry enough to provide safe access to the breakwater. The plan is to have the area ready for vehicular traffic and sailboat removal by the beginning of October, though foot traffic should be permitted before then.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Cold Lake, AB – In an effort to recruit doctors to the area, the City of Cold Lake has instituted a physician recruitment incentive.
“One of the challenges we have heard that makes a transition for doctors in coming to Cold Lake, is bridge income to get them started and settled in and place roots in our community,” said Mayor Craig Copeland. “For new doctors, and especially doctors new to Canada, it can be a challenge to get the credit they need to make the move to a new community.”
In an effort to complement the work done by Hearts for Healthcare and Alberta Health Services (AHS) recruiting staff, the incentive offers a $50,000 line of credit. With the help of the City of Cold Lake, the line of credit will be interest-free for two years. After that period, a repayment plan between the financial institution and the physician will be established. Further to the line of credit, other incentives are also included in the package that will assist the doctors in their transition to the community, such as access to loans and credit cards.
“With this help, we hope that new doctors can focus on getting established in the community,” Copeland said.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Please be advised that over the next few weeks, there will be smoke testing of the sewer systems in various neighbourhoods.
These tests use non-toxic smoke to identify leaks or areas of cross-connections where rainwater or other surface drainage may enter the sanitary sewer.
During this time, you may see small volumes of test smoke coming from neighbouring roof vents or system manholes. The smoke should not enter your home or place of business. If it does, please contact Nick Schellenberg with SFE Global at 204-654-2713 ex. 1 and he will connect you with the outside field crews working in your area.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cold Lake, AB – The contract for the construction of the Energy Centre Phase 3 expansion has been awarded, with work on the project to begin this fall. 
Phase 3 of the Energy Centre expansion will bring exciting amenities to the city’s recreational hub, including a second arena, 360-degree climbing wall, a lounge, office and storage space for local non-profit groups, a significant expansion of the concourse area, and a mini-stick arena. 
“This is another large step forward in council’s vision for the Energy Centre and Imperial Park,” Mayor Craig Copeland said. “Our North Arena has served the community well, but the building is tired and past its service life. With Imperial Park centrally located and easily accessible by trail, and now public transit, it is truly becoming the region’s premier recreation hub.” 
The new arena, designed in consultation with BR2 Architecture, will seat just under 400 people, with its own dressing rooms and a warm viewing area at the east end of the arena. People in the viewing area will also be able to see the climbing wall, which will be a 360-degree, two-story structure. 
The lounge will feature a catering kitchen and a bar, and will overlook both the new arena and Imperial Oil Place Arena, with the option to open the windows to accommodate private booths for concerts in Imperial Oil Place. The second floor concourse will be expanded to allow for access to the new arena, as well as an upper viewing area for the climbing wall. The concourse on the east end of the new arena will also feature a mini-stick arena. 
The construction contract was awarded to the construction firm Bird, with an estimated completion date in the spring of 2018.The Phase 3 expansion is proceeding with a construction budget of $20 million. 
“We have looked at every chance to make these amenities complement each other and the existing space,” Copeland said. “This phase of expansion will help to make sure that our youth have top-notch recreation facilities available year-round.” 

Friday, September 2, 2016

City of Cold Lake Council passed a motion to enter into talks with Alberta Health Services (AHS) with the goal of taking over the contract to provide ambulance services in the city and the surrounding region. 


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